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Okie-dokie, let’s go karaoke!

To celebrate Tarun’s last day at the office and unleash our inner Beyonce, the group headed off to Music Tunnel KTV Cafe. We were immediately escorted into their largest karaoke room, filled with comfy leather couches and 4 large plasma TV screens. The microphones and tambourine lay innocently enough on the coffee table as we settled in the dim lighting, watching the pre-programmed music videos on the screens.

After a few awkward minutes of not knowing what to do, we started assembling and playing our eclectic list of songs. With heads bobbing to the beat and a continuous game of hot-potato with the microphones, we belted out songs, ranging from Taylor Swift and One Direction to ’90s Boy Bands to rock classics from Journey and Queen.

Occasionally, we struggled to stay on tune (ok, for me, probably more often than most), but it didn’t matter! High off of our collective energy, we danced and drank boba (aka bubble or pearl milk tea). For those of you unfamiliar with the Taiwanese drink, boba typically consists of chewy tapioca balls in milk tea.


Justin loses his boba virginity

We sang for nearly 3.5 hours, ending the night with Bon Jovi’s epic “Living on a Prayer.” Wooooooaaaaahhhhhhh! Karaoke night with the D-lab was a blast and totally worth the non-alcoholic hangover and sore throat the next day!



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