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Farewell, Dr. Alaeian!

20150821_193801This photo was taken in front of Durand last Friday evening when we said goodbye to our very own Dr. Alaeian, just before she left for a post-doc in Bonn, Germany.

During her time as grad student at Stanford, Hadiseh worked on nanophotonics with a particular interest in plasmonics. We’ll have an interview with her posted on the blog later this week.

Hadiseh, who always dazzled us with her razor-sharp thinking abilities during group meetings, left us astounded when at her last group meeting she revealed that in a former life she was a half-back on national women’s soccer team of Iran! We wish our ‘go-to-physicist’ all the very best! And as Alice wrote in her goodbye to Hadiseh, ‘We aspire to be like her’!

About the author (Fariah):

image-49a8ae32e16c8da234f67348d4679c6e5dddeabebe7d3922cdbf6f79bdee4eeb-V_20150819221330411My science biography: I am a second-year graduate student in Electrical Engineering, currently working on phase-transition in nanoparticles to have applications in energy storage systems. I am also researching photonic crystal lattices, as I find nanoscale manipulation of light fascinating. Before coming here, I did my Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).

My favorite place on Stanford campus: Not a place actually, but the walk to the Education Building from Durand to get the best cheap coffee on campus from Cubberley!

My favorite lab instrument: The FEI Titan Environmental Transmission Electron Microscope in the Stanford Nano Shared Facilities

A list of things I’ve been thinking about lately, in no particular order:

  • Learning basic communication in French
  • Visa situations faced by International students
  • Improving concentration span

Ask me about: transmission electron microscopy, photonic crystal lattices, how to cope in a new country, trendy pop music


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